The British Baseball Federation (BBF) are the National Governing Body (NGB) for baseball in UK. They have agreed an approach with the UK Government which will allow teams to re-commence playing baseball during the Covid pandemic.

The Club has used the guidance issued by the (BBF) to perform a Risk Assessment to identify the causes of any potential infection risk that playing baseball presents.

We have used Baseball Softball UK (BSUK) guidance to identify controls that should be put in place to reduce the risks from the risk assessment to an acceptable level. These include:

  • Enhanced hygiene
  • Social distancing
  • Restricted attendance

All participants (i.e. Coaches, Players, Umpires, etc.) are required to comply with the guidance issued by the BBF if they wish to take part. Links to the latest guidance can be found below:






Players are also required to comply with the BSUK Participant’s Code of Conduct:

All Club participants are required to Opt-in to train and take part in games, accepting that they will comply with the guidance and provide additional data that we must collect to assist with any potential Test and Trace activity, by signing and returning the attached Opt-in document